Coolant Injection System “Cool Mister”

Coolant injector "Cool Mister" super powerful injection and cooling.This holder and coolant injection system cools the cutting section of a general-purpose machine tool, reduces heat generation, and ejects chips from the cutting section.

What is Cool Mister?

This is a holder and oil mist spraying device that can directly suppress heat generation in the cutting process and remove cutting chips by spraying a mist-like cutting fluid from the cutting area in general-purpose machine tool machining. It is easy to use jet coolant in general-purpose lathes.

It can be directly attached to external diameter tools and internal diameter tools of the internal oil supply type, greatly improving machining efficiency. It is effective for machining difficult-to-cut materials and high-precision machining.

The spraying amount can be adjusted by opening and closing the valve, and it can be switched to “air-only spraying.” It can be used when you want to spray air only and discharge cutting chips in dry cutting processes such as plastic machining.


Preventing machining issues by blowing away the cutting chips from the inside with a powerful jet force

In machining processes, heat is generated when the workpiece and tool come into contact, leading to damage and deterioration of the cutting tool’s edge. Insufficient removal of cutting chips can also result in poor cutting performance and accuracy.

By attaching internal oil supply compatible tools to the Gorilla holder and connecting a cool mist system, you can address these issues. This setup allows for injection and cooling in areas where chip removal and cooling were challenging, such as deep hole machining, difficult internal groove machining, and internal thread machining. This enhances productivity. [Patent pending]

Directly oiling and cooling the cutting area of deep holes with cool mist.

Compatible with internal oil supply tools… By supporting internal oil supply tools, such as in general-purpose lathes, direct lubrication within the machining area can be achieved, ensuring stable machining. Based on the Gorilla holder, it can accommodate standard-sized internal diameter tools. The Gorilla holder can be customized to meet various requirements, ranging from standard models to tailor-made designs. If you have specific needs such as chip evacuation in deep hole machining or direct cooling of the machining area, please feel free to discuss your requirements with us.

Powerful jetting… By utilizing the pressure from an air compressor, cutting chips can be effectively expelled, leading to stabilized and highly precise machining, while preventing potential machining issues.

Versatility… By using hoses and nozzles, it can be applied to various machining processes. It is as simple as connecting the device to the fitting of an air compressor. Connecting it directly to internal oil supply tools for groove cutting, parting off, or external diameter machining contributes to stabilized machining.

Air switching… It is not limited to the discharge of coolant from the tank. By switching the mode, it is also possible to jet only powerful compressed air. This is particularly effective when direct injection into the workpiece, such as in resin machining, is desired for chip evacuation and cooling purposes.

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